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Cromwell ARV


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Like many AFV (Armoured Fighting Vehicle) in World War Two, it was common practice to create a ARV (Armoured Recover Vehicle) from the chassis of a main battle tank currently in service. The Cromwell was no different.

Outwardly it was difficult to tell a Cromwell ARV apart from the Cavalier version, especially when the vehicle was covered by recovery equipment and stowage. There were however, the obvious differences in regards to the engine, transmission and rear-end arrangement.

By the end of 1944 58 Cromwell ARVs had been delivered to the frontlines. These vehicles were conversions of existing vehicles rather than purposely build. The most common Cromwell chassis used was those Cromwell’s with the Type C hull.

The Cromwell ARV in Flames Of War

Mobility: Full-tracked.
Armour: Front 6; Side 4; Top 1

Equipment and Notes
Light tank, Recovery vehicle.

The Cromwell ARV uses the Recovery vehicle rules on page 41 of the main rulebook.

Designed by Evan Allen
Painted by Blake Coster


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Cromwell ARV

Cromwell ARV

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