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Polish Infantry Platoon


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Polish Rifle Platoon

The Polish infantry divisions substituted modern technology for raw guts and men. A Batailon Piechoty puts you in command of an infantry force determined to protect its country at all costs.

The Polish rifle company is an unusually strong formation with 232 officers and men, nearly 50% larger than its German counterpart. Each of its three rifle platoons has three 19-man sections. With just a single wz. 28 automatic rifle (a licensed copy of the American Browning Automatic Rifle) in each 19 man squad, the main firepower of a platoon comes from its riflemen. These are armed with the Mauser Karabin wz. 98a, the same weapon as their German counterparts.

The company’s three 7.92mm wz. 35 anti-tank rifles are capable of penetrating the armour of most German tanks. These weapons were top secret until the start of the war as they use tungsten-cored ammunition to obtain an outstanding penetration for such a small-calibre weapon. The company also has a squad of three 46mm wz. 36 light mortars, usually assigned one to each platoon. In addition, the battalion usually supports each company with a platoon of wz. 30 machine-guns from the heavy machine-gun company.

Box contains:

  • 1x Command Rifle team.
  • 1x Anti-tank Rifle team.
  • 1x Light Mortar team.
  • 12 x Rifle teams.

Designed by Evan Allen & Anton Ducrot
Painted by James Brown & Jeremy Painter


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Polish Infantry Platoon

Polish Infantry Platoon


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