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Twilight Kin Crossbowmen (10)


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As with all Twilight Kin weapons, the barbed tips of the bolts are soaked in poison. Crafted from the bones of their fallen, the crossbow of the Twilight Kin lets out a shrill scream as their bolts whip through the air, terrifying their foes and heralding the first wave of assault in an attack. To hear the whistle of the crossbows is to know your doom approaches.

Number of Miniatures: 10

Product Type: Plastic/Metal Miniatures

Unit Type: Infantry

This Set Includes:

  • 10 x Plastic Elf Scouts
  • Twilight Kin Upgrade:
  • Metal Heads
  • Metal Two-handed Crossbows
  • Metal Scaled Cloaks
  • 10 x 20mm Plastic Bases

Miniature supplied unassembled and unpainted. The Twilight Kin are a hybrid of Plastic models and metal conversion parts and will require a degree of modelling skill to assemble.


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Twilight Kin Crossbowmen (10)

Twilight Kin Crossbowmen (10)


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