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M4 Sherman Crocodile


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Includes one M4 Sherman Crocodile Flame-thrower Tank & one Tank Commander.

Impressed by the performance of the Churchill Crocodile, US commanders begun speculating if a similar vehicle could be developed using the M4 Sherman tank and approached the British War Office about the possibility of fulfilling the estimated requirement of one hundred M4 Sherman Crocodiles.

On 7 March 1945, lead elements of Task Force Engeman discover that Remagen’s Ludendorff Bridge is still intact, and Brigadier General Hoge instantly recognises that a decisive battle is upon his troops. He orders the bridge to be captured.

The first prototype was completed in January 1944 with the first production vehicles rolling off the assembly line in March of that year. The production plan called for the British to supply the common components such as the armoured fuel trailer while the US would provide the necessary Sherman parts.

The flame projector was mounted externally to the front of the vehicle with the necessary fuel supplied via the armoured fuel trailer towed behind the vehicle. The two were connected via a fuel hose that ran along the outside of the hull.

This was cause for concern amongst US high command who’s change of heart meant that only four vehicles ever saw service with the 739th Tank Battalion (Mine Exploder). These examples saw limited action supporting the 29th Infantry and 2nd Armored Divisions during and following the Rhine crossings.

Designed by Evan Allen
Painted by Daniel Linder


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M4 Sherman Crocodile

M4 Sherman Crocodile

2 en oferta

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