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Panzer Aces Nº 59 (inglés)


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Panzer II F, 1/35
Lukasz Orczyc-Musialek gives us his interpretation of this classic Pz II with a winter camo as a part of a fantastic diorama. Much in his line of work, he explains the full process in a very clear sequence of pictures. In these we can see every detail and accessory customary to his work, which also showcases his trademark painting process using all kinds of mediums and techniques; like for instance the hairspray technique beautifully employed in this example.

Panzer II J, 1/72
Sometimes we publish certain articles because of the overall quality of the model kit, and sometimes we do it because of the quality of the article itself, and sometimes –and this is a clear example of it- we do it because we have both a great kit and a fabulous article. To top it all, the kit is in the 1/72 scale. This is Jordi Cerezo's debut in Panzer Aces.

Panzer I Republicano. 1/35Panzer II L "Luchs", 1/72
The assembly and detailing of a kit in this scale isn't easy. Painting it and not making it look like a toy is harder still. Antonio Martín has succeeded in both counts with great skill and he tells us how he's done it in this wonderful article.

BA-6, 1/35
You need a good dose of stubbornness to embark yourself in a project like this. Michel however doesn't like to let model kits go to waste and he has fought with this deficient kit and succeeded in making it look like his real life counterpart. He has resorted to lots of scratchwork and a number of accessories to succeed. As to the paintwork, he has chosen this unusual scheme for the BA-6's and has wrapped it with dampness, mud and snow.

T-60, 1/35
This is another trial by fire case in this issue of Panzer Aces: Tomasz Janiszewski. He has earned it not only because of the daring character of his project -a scene with a destroyed T-60-, but also because he explains the entire process quite masterfully, with detailed pictures, narrating the "deconstruction" of this light Soviet AFV and how he's managed to paint this out of commission vehicle.


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Panzer Aces Nº 59 (inglés)

Panzer Aces Nº 59 (inglés)

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