¡Lo más vendido!


We usually do not ship orders outside Spain, as shipments from Spain are very expensive.

It is very likely that you have found us looking for items that have already been discontinued by the manufacturer.

Unfortunately, our distributors probably have also discontinued, but do not tell us when these things happen (and we only found out when someone asks us, we have almost 30,000 references on the web!), So probably we either haven't it or we can not get it.

However, do not hesitate to contact us indicating the references in which you are interested and we will check it, since we or our distributor maybe have still a few units in stock.

You can get in touch with us using email or whatsapp number.

If they were available and still interested, this is how we work in international shipments:

  • -First we estimate upwards on the cost of the shipment (for example, € 20), which must be paid in advance.
  • -When we have the items ready to send, we will look for the most economical registered shipping method and send it to you (for example, € 15)
  • -We will refund the diference between the estimation and the real cost (we will sent you proof of cost). (in our example, € 20 -15 € = € 5 to return)

You can place a test order, with payment method "Pagos acordados previos o presupuestos" (Previous agreed payments or budgets), so the web will not ask you for money. This will help us a lot, since we can check the availability of your items using the codes, a faster method for us.

Again, do not hesitate to contact us (in spanish or english)