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The second Pacific book is Banzai, covering the Imperial Japanese forces in the Pacific. Japan’s rapid conquest of a large proportion of the Pacific and Southeast Asia came quickly after the bombing of the US Naval base at Pearl Harbor in Hawaii. They quickly seized the Philippines from US forces, drove the British from Malaya and took most of Burma, as well as defeating the Dutch forces defending the Dutch East Indies (Indonesia). This was all quickly achieved by surprise and with veteran troops with years of experience fighting in China.

Inside Banzai you will find history and background on Japan’s Pacific War, Japanese tactics, the full Japanese National special rules, and four intelligence briefings. There are also more detailed accounts of two battles, Guadalcanal and Iwo Jima, with background and scenario ideas for both.

The Japanese special rules capture the feel and nature of the Japanese way of war with rules like Banzai Charge; Kendo; No Surrender; Seishien; Human Bullet; Banners; Regimental Standards; Hell By Day, Paradise By Night; and Envelopment. These rules make the Japanese a tough opponent that are hard to break and give them key advantages in the right circumstances. They also have a number of rules covering their unique tactics and weapons.

Banzai contains four intelligence briefings covering a Hohei Chutai (Infantry Company), a Sensha Rentai (Tank Regiment), a Yosai Hohei Chutai (Fortified Infantry Company), and a Ka-Mi Sensha Chutai (Ka-Mi Amphibious Tank Company).

The Hohei Chutai is the backbone of the Japanese Imperial Army. Their infantry are aggressive on attack and stubborn in defence. They have a core of Hohei (infantry) Platoons made up of Rifle teams and Light Mortar teams. They can utilise Banners, making them harder to Pin Down, and can swap some of their Rifle teams for Nikuhaku (human bullet) teams. Nikuhaku teams are teams for assaulting armour armed with anti-tank mines, pole-mounted lunge mines, and Molotov Cocktails (Improvised Tank Assault 5).


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