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Quartermaster General: Victory or Death


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2-4 jugadores
Duración: 90-120 minutos
Edad: 12+

Designed by Ian Brody, creator of the popular and widely acclaimed WW2 strategy boardgame, Quartermaster General , Victory or Death enables 2-4 players to take either the powers of Demos (Athens and the Delian League) or the Oligarch powers (Sparta and Corinth) and fight for military, naval, political and economic supremacy over the Greek mainland and surrounding islands during the time of the Peloponnesian War 431-404 BC.

Based on the innovative card driven mechanics to be found in the original Quartermaster General game, Ian has cleverly adapted and modified the core engine to reflect the flavour and nuances of Ancient Greece to give another brilliantly exciting, easy to learn, fun game with a lot of replayability.










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Quartermaster General: Victory or Death

Quartermaster General: Victory or Death

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