Flicky Spaceships (inglés)

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Flicky Spaceships (inglés)


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By flicking your ship you’ll smash into strange worlds (and other players) to collect useful resources. Each player will be trying to turn their resources into powerful spaceship upgrades for attack, defense, resource generation, or victory point production - all to give them the edge in conquering this new-found galaxy.

On your turn you will collect the resource from the hex your spaceship is on (which might be where you left it last turn...), flick your spaceship into a new hex, then invest in upgrades for your spaceship.

There are 12 available technologies in a game worth different amounts of victory points at the end of the game. In addition, victory point tokens can be taken from a central pool for the successful use of certain upgrades. The game ends when a fixed number of upgrades have been bought or the victory point pool is exhausted.


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Flicky Spaceships (inglés)

Flicky Spaceships (inglés)

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