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Wargames Illustrated 370


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Theme: “To the Shores Of Tripoli”: We begin our America at War theme content with the United States’ first military intervention in North Africa. Pete Brown takes up the story....

Designer’s Notes: Dracula’s America, Forbidden Powers: Jonathan Haythornthwaite, author of the top selling Dracula’s America rulebooks, talks about the latest volume in this Weird Wild West series.

Theme: The Dragon’s Choice: As part of this month’s theme, Dave Tuck and Malc Johnston take a look at the brave men of the United States Marine Corps, in a famous action at the turn of the 20th Century, during the Boxer Rebellion.

Crete 1941 - Part 1: James Morris shares his latest project; gaming Crete 1941. In this first of two articles he tells us why and how the game came together.

Theme: Who’s Civil War Is This Anyway?: Neil Smith discussesthe brave men and their regiments who were not American by birth, but fought for their adopted nation, Union or Confederacy, in the Civil War.

Designer’s Notes: Strontium Dog: We took a trip to Warlord Games to meet up with top rules author Andy Chambers and take a journey into the Badlands with the Strontium Dogs.

Theme: The Last Battle: As part of our America at War theme, Pete Brown looks at the last battle of World War One, which involved U.S. ‘Doughboys’ in a tragic assault against the German held French town of Stenay.

Wargaming With Plastic Soldiers - Part 1: Rupert Mitchell presents the first in a two-part overview aimed at gamers interested in exploring a new scale, a new material, a new era or a combination of these - 1/72 scale plastic.

Theme: As Desperate a Venture: Steve Blease takes us through one of the first major actions undertaken by American troops during World War Two.

Modelling: Mdf Terrain, Detailing, Weathering and More: Gary Faulkner returns with the final part of his series on painting those MDF items we all buy, then worry about painting!

Theme: Wargaming America’s Wars in Plastic: In connection with our theme, Rupert Mitchell looks at what is available in plastic for gaming American wars, home and away.

Rethinking the Crusades – Part 1 – Siege Warfare: The first in a series of articles by leading expert in the field of Crusader warfare, Dr Steve Tibble. Beginning with Siege Warfare.

Rules Showcase: A Little Bit of Dark Ages?: Stuart Mulligan & Oliver Green use their period expertise to provide some thoughts, rules and army lists for converting the popular Lion Rampant rules for the early Renaissance.

Show Report: Legionary: Our report on the eye-candy from Legionary 2018.


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Wargames Illustrated 370

Wargames Illustrated 370

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