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Wargames Illustrated WI388


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Observation Post: It’s a quiet time of the year for ‘new stuff’ but we’ve found a few interesting and eclectic items to make you aware of.

WI Awards 2019: It’s time to announce the winners and runners up in the 2019 Wargames Illustrated Awards.

Theme: The Seasoned Campaigner: Pete Brown has a look at campaign veterans and asks the thorny question, “Should they be any better than green troops?”

Wargaming Malplaquet: Simon MacDowall recreates Malplaquet – the bloodiest battle of the 18th century.

Theme: Goths and Romans: Simon MacDowall returns to look at the effects of campaigning on the Roman and Goth forces during their century long encounters.

Designer’s Notes: Zona Alfa: Patrick Todoroff, author of the Zona Alfa rules from Osprey Games, shares some of the ideas and mechanics of this skirmish game of exploration and danger.

Theme: “vietnam is Like The Alamo”: Empress Miniatures owner Paul Eaglestone provides some background to this war, along with a closer look at the Marines’ on campaign look.

Why I Love … Battlegroup: Andy Singleton shares his love for these World War Two wargames rules, where combined arms is key and the games are a good representation of the various types of combat.

Theme: Campaign Effects on Armies (and Army Lists): Jim Graham provides some ideas for the effects of campaigns on our miniature armies.

Black Hearts, Black Ships: Pirates in Black Seas: Noel Williams outlines a favourite setting of seaborne gaming using the Black Seas rules.

Theme: Campaign Dress on Parade: Colonel (Retired) Bill Gray takes a look at those units and armies who sought to bring a little more panache to the battlefield, within the bounds of the dyes and cloth available.

The Making of Marshal Ney: Kris van Dyck takes us through the process of creating our latest Giants in Miniature figure.

Painting Marshal Ney: Daemon Brush (Ben Macintyre) puts paint-to-pewter and snow-to-base on the latest Giants in Miniature figure.

How To …‘improve an MDF Building: Model-maker extraordinaire Paul Davies show us “how to …” do what it says in the title!

Designer’s Notes: Soldiers of Rome: Warwick Kinrade tells us about his forthcoming new rules for the battles of early Imperial Rome.

Judge Dredd Painting Guide: Paul Baker AKA Brush Stokes provides a detailed step-by-step guide to painting the man himself: Judge Dredd.


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Wargames Illustrated WI388

Wargames Illustrated WI388

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