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Wargames Illustrated WI391 July 2020


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Observation Post
A bumper look at some recent product releases in the hobby.

The Best of Banter
Wargamers from around the globe share their in-lockdown on-table activities.

Painting the Chamberlain Brothers
Ben Macintyre shows us how to put paint to metal on the figures in the latest release from Giants in Miniature.

Designer’s Notes: Stalingrad
Author Alexander Smith introduces us to the latest Bolt Action Campaign book.

Partizan in the Cloud
Partizan organiser Laurence Baldwin talks us through the concept, prep and presentation of their virtial version of one of the UK’s favourite wargames shows.

Rules Showcase: Oathmark
Oathmark author Joseph A. McCullough joined us at WiHQ for a game of tabletop high fantasy. His report provides a great introduction to the mechanics of the game.

Project Showcase:?“god, Honor, Fatherland”
Modelling and gaming the Panzergrenadier Division Grossdeutschland.

Puerto Principe
Glenn Clarke charts the process he used to create a Caribbean harbour and fort for Black Seas.

“A Mere Matter of Marching!” The War of 1812-15
David Bickley introduces us to the War?of 1812 via his expanding collection of figures for this colourful conflict.

Painting Swedish Infantry
Pete the Wargamer shows us how to do something a bit different with the WWII Winter Germans that are included with this issue of the magazine.

“for The Last Time …”?the Fall Of Berlin
Neil Smith provides a guide to wargaming the dying embers of the “Thousand-year Reich” – the Battle for Berlin.

Designer’s Notes: Victory At Sea
Victory at Sea author Matthew Sprange shares the design philosophy behind this new set of naval rules.

Figure Spotlight: Wofun Miniatures
Peter Dennis makes the move from paper to plastic with this new range of figures.

Project Showcase: “hunde, Wollt ihr Ewig Leben?”
Having seen the work of Jürgen Horn via an email shared by the friend of a friend, we contacted this talented German painter/ modeller and asked him to tell us about the force he is putting together from the Bolt Action Stalingrad book.

Not Appearing at Salute – Schloss Itter
Following the postponement of Salute 2020, Wargames Illustrated put out a call to all clubs, groups and traders who were planning demo and participation games for the show. We asked if they would like to ‘display’ their tables in our ‘not-appearing at Salute’ feature in Wi Bite-size. Over the course of the lockdown we displayed five such games. We present our favourite here as a ‘Best of not appearing at Salute’.


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Wargames Illustrated WI391 July 2020

Wargames Illustrated WI391 July 2020

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