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Wargames Illustrated 412 April 2022


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Quick Fire!
Check out the hobby and gaming activities of our readers.

Observation Post
This month’s look at new releases takes in Rapid Fire Blitzkrieg scenarios, plastic dragons, and French on the retreat from Moscow.

Release Radar
We take our monthly look at what Dom Sore spotted on his Release Radar!

Full Paper Jacket
Neil Smith presents another stack of books to put your bedside table’s construction quality to the test.

Theme: Facing The Elements
How can you bring the elements into your wargaming? Wi sought out the advice of some of our hobby’s elite.

BBA! Ambush!
A new scenario from Daniel Mersey for use in Blam! Blam! Aargh! which was included as a freebie with Wi404.

Theme: Cover Focus – Infantry Face The Weather
Wi’s painters bring the elements to this month’s free Warlord Games British and Canadian Infantry frame.

Designer’s Notes: 02 Hundred Hours
Graham Davey brings night raids to WWII with his new game of stealth skirmishing.

Theme: Building The Great War Frontline
Adam J. Sharp tackled the monumental task of creating a realistic WWI board with waterlogged trenches crossing the cratered earth on either side of no man’s land.

Monsieur Le Marechal Tournant
Colonel (Retired) Bill Gray introduces us to the fascinating French General Aimable Jean- Jacques Pélissier and his part in France’s victory at the Malakoff.

Theme: Thalassa Preview
Ricard Fortun, boss and game designer at Room17 Games, visited the Wi office and gave us an advanced preview of his upcoming ancients naval wargame.

The Silver Bayonet Society Part Five
Campaign GM James is back to cover The Silver Bayonet Society’s penultimate month of adventures in the Peninsular War.

Theme: Making The Mediterranian
James Morris shares how he added realistic coastal detail to his El Cid gaming set-up.

Designer’s Notes: Strength And Honour
Mark Backhouse tells us about his newfound love of 2mm scale wargames and the set of rules he designed to play Ancient Roman battles.

Theme: Hobby Showcase – Classic Citadel Elementals
Marc dug these Citadel classics out of the Wargames Illustrated miniature vault and painted them for our theme.

Recreating Isandlwana
Alexander Smith recreated the epic battle of Isandlwana when his gaming group finally got back together after pandemic enforced separation.

Insider Interview: Sláine
We popped into Warlord Games to check out Andy Chambers and Gav Thorpe’s new game based on 2000AD’s popular Celtic wanderer.


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Wargames Illustrated 412 April 2022

Wargames Illustrated 412 April 2022

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