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AoS Color Target Marker (8 pcs.)

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No more discussions to know if a miniature has reached the target zone. With these templates it's easy to tell: if it touches the template, it's in the zone :)

Plus, the glowing inner circle marks half the distance, so they're easy to use for smaller target zones.

They are plotter printed on 290gr white photographic canvas, and hand-cut.

All measurements refer to the radius.

There are 6 models, and you can ask us for the combination you want (specify it in the order notes).

    The "black color" is one of each color.
    The "gray color" is the combination you want.

If you look at the pictures, the green and purple ones have grass inside. If you want it can be removed or put in any of them.


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AoS Color Target Marker (8 pcs.)

AoS Color Target Marker (8 pcs.)

8 units

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