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MAGIC - Premium box (3 slots)

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Check the other premium boxes to verify finishes, models and designs.

Keep your favorite cards safe and organized, with this glorious beautiful organizer box.

-*Customized with the logos of your choice*: Magic, Pokemon, YuGiOh, Marvel, Lord of the Rings, Fairies, flowers ... you name it.
-Storage space for about 2500 cards without sleeve (1500 with sleeve).
-Cards are stored in vertical / portrait
-5 dividers included (of the same material as the back color)
-The dividers are also engraved with images from the game
-The cover can also be engraved, just ask.
-135 slots to insert dividers
-If you need more dividers, I have additional packs of 8 dividers:
-3mm MDF, in various materials
-Possibility to make a combination of colors
-Box measures 298x227x100 high (11.7"x8.9"x3.9")
-Card max size: 69x92mm (2.71"x3.62")

-If the item is ordered assembled, we will clean the MDF sheets and assemble it. Assembled rate includes extra shipping charges (larger size).
-You will need PVA Glue for a better assembly.
-This article does not contain any game item, it is an accesory
-You can see this product and better prices at our webstore
-Check other MDF products at

-Some tips about MDF:
    -did you know that MDF can be washed? It doesn't matter if it is raw or one of the other finishes. Give it with a damp sponge (even under the tap!) and the stains will be gone, whether they are from the laser burning, or those that you have been left by a few dirty fingers of glue / burnt wood when assembling it. Then wipe it dry with a cloth or paper towel, and you're done.
    -You may need some tools: a file, a knife, a sharp object, glue, masking tape (painter's tape).
    -When separating the pieces, MDF burrs may remain: they can be easily removed with the file or the knife, or even with the fingernail.
    -The power of the cutting laser varies depending on the temperature, material (two MDF sheets can be composed of different densities of "wood" and/or resins), so the cut may not be deep enough (if it is too much cut, the pieces "fall" from the sheets). If the cut doesn't go all the way through, it may take some work to separate, especially in small holes: place the piece of MDF on another piece that already has a large hole (a door, a window,...), and with the tip of the file, press it.
    -After gluing, a little bit of painter's tape on the corners, tighten them to seal them well and let them dry.
    -Raw and white MDF glue well with white glue (don't put too much or it will overflow). Beech and Linen, maybe better with SuperGlue, as it is not a porous material.
  -On the "wood" materials, the backing is a light gray material that is difficult to laser cut, and can chip when the holes are removed. This is normal, but it is not very noticeable because it is on the back.


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MAGIC - Premium box (3 slots)

MAGIC - Premium box (3 slots)

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