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Features: Paddy Fields (x4)


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Includes two Small Paddy Fields, two Medium Paddy Fields & two packets of GF9 static grass.

Patrolling through the countryside of Vietnam offered a variety of challenges, from the dense jungles, where the enemy could be hiding anywhere, through to open rice paddies, exposed to enemy fire and during the rainy season filled with mud.

Laid out in a tight criss-cross pattern covering any suitable open ground, these paddy fields will make a a group of huts look like a real village for your troops to patrol through or fight over.

The box set includes:

  • 1x Medium Rice Paddy A
  • 1x Medium Rice Paddy B
  • 1x Small Rice Paddy A
  • 1x Small Rice Paddy B
  • 2x Packets of GF9 Static Grass.

15mm, resin, pre-painted


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Features: Paddy Fields (x4)

Features: Paddy Fields (x4)

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